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Rotate multiple sender emails for a single campaign, verify your list and only send to valid prospects, add personalized video and images created for each individual recipient to drive conversion.

upload video

Yes, video converts better

Move beyond Hi {{first_name}} and text personalization in your cold outreach. Even spammers send those now.
Send hyper-personalized emails that speaks uniquely to each customer.

Send unique video emails at scale

It is no longer news that video outperforms text across all marketing channels including email. Our customers have equally seen a 67% increase in reply rates using personalized video email outreach.

Upload a selfie-like video

Upload a selfie-like video, we automatically use this to create unique emails for each individual recipient.

Use your existing list

No need to add more fields to your prospect list. Got the email and name field? You are all set! Our system automatically completes other required fields like logo etc

Send at scale

Most marketers utilizing personalize videos in emails, manually shooting unique videos for each prospect. Not anymore, with Murlist, you upload one video we do the rest.

Image emails

Dynamically include an image of a prospect's website, logo, or any other content into emails without affecting deliverability.

Easy to use at scale image videos

Create a template, upload a list. That is all you need do. Murlist dynamically creates unique image assets for each prospect on the list.

Absolute control

Want to insert the prospect's logo or website screenshots, or a picture of their LinkedIn page? Murlist automates the entire process.

Drip email campaign

Send text emails

Send email drip campaigns, add delays & intervals between sends as you see fit.

Send Drip campaign

Set up an email sequence and drip campaign using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop pipeline flow builder.

Real-time analytics

Get real-time campaign insight on your campaigns. So who replied or opened your email.

High deliverability

Validate your list before sending, look out for spam keywords all automatically.

Prospect list manager

Manage all your contacts and lists in one single place.

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