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Fast & accurate email validation

Detect inactive, spam-trap, and disposable emails.
Ensure all recipients exist, minimize bounce rate and maintain a good sender reputation.

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Only send to users who exist

We help you land them in the inbox and connect with your prospects by detecting & removing bad emails from your email list. Reduce bounce rate, increase deliverability and ROI.

Ensure email exist

We use a powerful set of tools to remove invalid, spam traps, and disposable emails. So you only send to valid emails.

Detect disposable emails

Spammers love disposable emails as they become invalid after around 10 minutes. Stop and remove them from your email list.

Remove duplicates

When enabled, we remove duplicate emails from your list. This makes your list cleaner.

Detect catch-all

We detect if a domain is catch-all which makes all checks on the domain valid.

MTA & MX validation

We check the domain's MX, ensuring the Mail transfer agent has a valid record.

Calculate deliverability

We don't just check if an email is valid. We take a lot of factors, like domain age & mail provider, into consideration. We score the validity using these metrics.

Verification API

You can verify, check credit left and recharge all from the powerful API.

Selectable download options

You can download only the the list of valid emails, or just the invalid and unknowns.

Easy to use

A super easy-to-use email verification in just 3 steps.

Step 1

Upload a list of the emails to verify.

Step 2

Murlist verify goes to work, processing all emails to determine their status.


Once the verification has been completed, you can download the list of valid, or just list of invalid and all.

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