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Use multiple sender accounts to launch a campaign. Murlist rotates these accounts to ensure your emails are delivered no matter the size of your list.

Why you need this?

Rotating senders ensures you aren't sending a high volume of emails from a single account. This you can send 100s of emails without triggering spam filters.

Never trigger spam.

Sending a high volume of emails from a single account is one way to land in spam.

Measure impact

By using multiple sender accounts to send emails, you can easily figure out which domain or sender account delivers the best results.

Send to a huge list

Rotating senders allows you to not worry much about the size of your list. The sender rotation ensures no single sending mailbox is at risk.

Easy to implement

Adding multiple sender accounts is as simple as selecting multiple accounts as sender while sending emails. Nothing completed.

How to implement sender rotation

Easy to implement, nothing complicated.

Simply select multiple sender accounts, as in the image below, while creating an email campaign. That is all, nothing else! We handle the rest.

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