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Send unique video cold emails to each prospect on your list without the hard work.

Hyper-personalized video emails

Upload a single video and your prospects list. Using this, we create unique email content for each prospect.

“Generic cold emails don't work anymore. prospects are becoming increasingly blind to {{first_name}} kind of personalization, even spammers use those now.”

Ikenna Paschal, founder of Murlist
Ikenna Paschal, Founder at Murlist
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Smart sending. No bounces!

Before attempting to send video emails, MurList studies each prospect to ensure they use email clients that support video. Sending the right type of media for the client or a text-based version if media isn't supported.
This way you don't send email to prospects who will not receive it in a way that makes sense for them to take action.

Fortunately, most major email clients and providers supports the type of media Murlist sends.

Customer profile user interface

Data enrichment

Upload your regular list, we find the company's data like logo and brand color. Using this data we create unique & compelling video content for each prospect. We do this automatically, so you don't have to (coming soon).

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