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MurList improves email sender reputation on autopilot, helping your emails avoid spam.

A network of 2,500 inboxes
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Pull email out of spam
Auto-reply to email
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Features you wouldn't find elsewhere.

Inbox Health Scores

We constantly monitor the health of your inbox.

Incremental sending

MurList incrementally increases the number of emails sent per day

Read & reply

We automatically read and reply to message. You have full control over the reply rate

Blacklist monitoring

MurList monitors your account blacklist status

We send emails Google automatically mark as important

We don't just get you out of spam, we make you trustworthy enough to be automatically marked as important by Google's Gmail Magic. That's how much result our services can and has achieved.

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SMTP warming and email mailbox warmup

Integrate with any mail provider

In general, we integrate with all mail providers with SMTP.

MurList integrates with Amazon AWS SES
MurList integrates with Gmail
MurList integrates with Google Workspace
MurList integrates with Mailgun
MurList integrates with Microsoft365
MurList integrates with Outlook
MurList integrates with Sendgrid
MurList integrates with Sendpost
MurList integrates with Zoho Mail
MurList integrates with Yahoo Mail
MurList integrates with SMTP

Craft email with confidence knowing that your prospects will receive it.

There is no point in writing emails no one will read because they never received it or the almighty spam filter took it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is email warmup?

Email warmup is a very important process if you send any type of emails, especially cold email. It helps you reach your prospect's inbox and maintain a good sender reputation.

Can I try email warmup for free?

Yes. You can warm up your inbox free for 7 (seven) days.

What is the cost of warmup?

Pricing is just $9/month/inbox. Pricing is independent of your cold emailing plan.

How many inboxes are in your network?

We have over 2000 inboxes in our network.

Does this require any manual effort from me?

No, it doesn't. The whole process is fully automated by our system.

Why warm-up your email?

If you send any type of emails - cold, newsletter, or onboarding emails, then you need to constantly warm up your inbox to avoid bad sender reputation and relegation to spam folder.

Email already has a bad reputation, will this work for me?

Yes. It will work. It will take a few months to regain a good reputation and your emails will stop getting rejected or sent to the spam box.

How long do I have to warm up?

We recommend continuously warming up your inbox as long as you send emails. The ROI is always overwhelmingly evident.

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